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WOMAN FACTOR plus The Premium Grade Botanical Pueraria Mirifica Health Beverage





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Sigma Pharma Natural Health Care & Beauty  MIRACLES & SCIENCE Merge to beautify

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Skin Solution  Breast Enhancement & Anti-Aging, Breast Firming or Breast Enlargement.  As a woman, your body’s nutritional needs change through every phase of life   requiring extra care and the appropriate   nutritional support. Even with the best   attentions, many women can and do fall short on getting the proper level of   nutrients needed for a healthier life. That’s why health conscious women trust in Woman  Factor plus unique natural  formulated for Women’s health & beauty.   Naturally Restores Woman’s Health, Beauty Breast, Beauty Skin & Promotes , Longevity  , Larger and Beautiful Breasts. List Price :  RM 115.00 per box,   help  to  enhance breast firming & enlargement, boost  skin collagen natural production, firm, smooth  &  radiant skin . Traditionally used for Skin & Body Rejuvenating, Vitality, Ease Period Pain, Ease PMS symptoms, Breast Enhancement , Prevent Vaginal Dryness, Sexual Rejuvenation  and  Women’s General Health.

Woman Factor plus is Ideal For Women:  Maintains menstrual regular flow & alleviates period cramps,   Enhances  breast  firming/size for a fuller breast, Solves vaginal dryness problem & increases sex drive, Hastens formation of natural skin collagen,  Relieves pre-menopause or menopause discomforts, Improves sleep disturbances/disorders

Woman Factor plus is proven to help in :   Develop fuller breasts, youthful curves & contours,  Slowing down signs of aging - for a smoother supple skin, darkens grey hair, regulates menstrual flow , Improve cardiovascular functions & prevent osteoporosis, Restore estrogenic activity & ease menopausal symtoms , Improve lubrication in the vagina & enhance libido

WOMAN FACTOR PLUS  is safe, natural & really effective for women's health, natural breast firming, enhancement, enlargement, fuller breasts.

Woman Factor plus can helps lengthen the milk ducts; stimulates and expands  fat tissues,  resulting in firmer & fuller breasts.

Woman  Factor  plus   also  helps to form & maintain Skin Collagen and develops new skin cells      resulting  in  softer, smoother and a more beautiful skin.

However,  it  is  NOT  recommended  in  certain  circumstances (or please consult from your physician/doctor before use) : If  you are pregnant  or nursing/breast feeding,

·  If  you are single (unmarried) women below 18 years of age,  If  you have been diagnosed with tumour in estrogen-sensitive organs.


 100%  Natural Dietary   .  Vegetarian Formula  . No Preservatives  .  No Sugar .  Caffeine Free .  No Artificial Coloring  .  No Artificial Flavor  

WOMAN FACTOR  plus  also known as “ Fountain of Youth ”  that 100% help to  Enhance The Quality of  Women’s Life. . Woman Factor plus health beverage is a special natural herb of vegetarian formulation  consists of  a GENUINE      Premium Grade Miracle Herb known as  Pueraria Mirifica Airy Shaw et Suvatabhandu, rich in “unique” phyto-estrogen : miroestrol & deoxymiroestrol. Clinical studies and laboratory tests have confirmed its effectiveness for skin & body rejuvenating. It naturally enhances breast   firming & enlargement, regulates menstrual flow, eases period pains, eases PMS & menopausal symptoms, prevents vaginal dryness, boosts memory, helps form skin collagen, improves blood circulation, increases energy & vigor, strengthens and darkens grey hair.    Recommended consumption : i) (Non-Menopausal Women) Help to Enhance Breast  Firming & Fuller Breasts, regulates menstrual flow,  maintains beautiful skin, body & hair  :   Consume 1    sachet  per day from the  1st  day  of  period  until  the 14th day  only ,  ii)(Non-Menopausal Women) Help to ease period /    menstrual pain or cramp, regulates menstrual flow, beautiful healthier skin, body and hair :  Consume 1 sachet per day from the 1st  day  of  period  until  the  7th  day  only  iii) (Menopausal Women) Help to ease menopausal  symptoms (eg. hot flushes, mood swings, lack of sex drive, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness);  also for breast  enhancement & firming, body & skin rejuvenating, darken grey hair & healthier hair  :  Consume 1 sachet per  day   on  daily  basis   OR   alternate day.  Note:Please avoid or decrease consumption of “caffeinated and alcoholic drinks or food” and hormonal drugs,  as it may  reduce the   effectiveness  of  this  miracle  botanical  herbal  product..  



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